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A Breakthrough Product For Safer Sleep

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Get the MOST from your CPAP, or other Personal Equipment, when you purchase our Intuitive Personal Device Accessory.

Equipment/Devices Appropriate for use with the ‘Personal Device Hose Caddy’

Innovative Personal Device Hose Caddy

Enjoy a night of sleep, free of worry from Tangling issues, when you incorporate this Personal Device Hose Caddy (holder) with the medical equipment you presently use. When you make an investment in this accessory, helping to make your rest or sleep safer, you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself NOT waking up tangled in tubes.

The team at Rebound Sales Group, LLC, understands what it is like to suffer from breathing issues at night, and they also recognized the dangers involved with wayward hoses that can quickly become an obstacle to restful sleep.

You invest in a CPAP, or similar equipment, to make your sleep safer, so add this Medical Equipment accessory into your bedside configuration to ensure you get the sound rest you deserve. All our customers, throughout the United States, now enjoy free shipping to ALL 50 States, and ALL USA Possessions, when you order today.

A Personal Device Aid with a BIG Difference

Say goodbye to frightful nights waking up tangled in the tubes from your CPAP, or similar Medical Equipment. With this innovative new Hose Management Accessory from Rebound Sales Group, LLC, tangled hoses will become a thing of the past, just like those restless times.

The developer took an idea and made it work with a design concept that is both simple and functional. The PDHC is horn-shaped with two mounting locations on the rear. Place your new PDHC on any painted, or other clean, dry and smooth area between your Medical Device and the location where you rest.

Your new PDHC also provides added convenience with two Front Hooks for Daytime Mask and Hose storage.

Personal Device Hose Caddy

Parts Kit

Personalize your PDHC Machine Accessory
Choose this product, that is manufactured in the United States and available in three original colors, including Native (Ivory White), Victorian (Royal Blue), and Granite (Medium Grey).

We back our product with a 100% lifetime Structural Warranty in the event that the product Structure Fails in Any way.

We offer a Parts Kit for those users who wish to transport their PDHC to other locations, Business Travel, or while on Vacations. A complete Parts Kit is $6.00 USD, and it includes spare Zip Ties and a dozen new Command Strips for your re-mounting needs, and includes FREE Shipping to you.

About Rebound Sales Group, LLC

This Personal Device Hose Caddy is a NEW design being INTRODUCED by a division of Black Wolf Industries and MADE IN THE USA. The Personal Device Hose Caddy was developed by someone who has lived with sleep apnea and understands what it is like to wake up tangled in your own air hose. (SCARY!) Inspired by the challenges that he, and others, have faced, this person dedicated himself to creating and perfecting this EXCLUSIVE design for his sleep apnea accessory.

Because this product will help to minimize much of the security discomfort you MAY feel during sleep, IMAGINE your CPAP type machine air hose won’t stand between you and a good night’s sleep.

This OPPORTUNITY to FINALLY SAVE on YOUR OWN PDHC because YOUR 3-day shipping is FREE to anywhere in the USA and its’ 14 territories.

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