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Personal Device Hose Caddy Granite


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Enjoy nights of safe sleep, free from worry about your air hose tangling with your arms and your neck, pulling the air hose, and at times your equipment, from its’ operating placement. When you incorporate this Personal Device Hose Caddy into the system you use, you make an investment in a Safety Tool. You will be pleasantly surprised to find yourself no longer worrying about waking up tangled in tubes.

The team at Rebound Sales Group, LLC understands what it is like to suffer from breathing issues at night, so they also recognized the dangers involved with wayward air handling that can quickly become an obstacle to restful sleep.

You’ve invested in a CPAP, or other related type of equipment, to help you sleep safer, so add this important safety accessory to your bedside configuration to ensure the peaceful rest you deserve. Customers throughout the United States can now enjoy free shipping when they order today.